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Pollen Mask r can be top level treasures, even if it is the royal family may not have much, Fang Tianxiao in this space ring, but directly collected several strains, and the attributes are not the same.In addition, the five medicines and six products Pollen Mask of Lingji Lingcao are countless and the types are extremely complete.In addition, there are not many other treasures. Pollen Mask For example, Ye Han actually saw two groups of very essential energy.It s an elf that comes from two worlds, the wind and the water brush Ye Han directly took the two Pollen Mask groups of elves out.As soon as they got out of trouble, they wan. ted to escape, and they flew in one direction with great tacit agreement.Fortunately, Lin Yaner and Ye Han are Pollen Mask very tacit, and their speed is also very fast, they rushed out directly and left, and they caught them back in an instant.This is the essence of fine water and fine water. Lin Yaner Pollen Mask saw something that he had Pollen Mask caught in his hand, and he was a little surprised.She knows the preciousness of this kind of heaven and earth elves.At first, even in order to compete for Lei Jing, the seven emperors Ye Dan and Ye Han are not dead.As a result,

he even lost his fire how often to wear face masks and his life to Ye Han.Now Lei Jing and Huo Jing have made the two king level powerhouses around Ye Han.In this war, they are also brilliant. One is horror films when killer wearing a respirator Lei Wei, who controls the thunder and Pollen Mask space, and the other is Lei Wei.It s a soaring life At this moment, Ye Pollen Mask Han got the wind and the water, he even had the opportunity to build two kings.However, Ye Han is not going to do this. Looking at the wind and the fine water in his hand, he only feels that his first weapon is falling again.If I Pollen Mask Pollen Mask knew that there were so many treasures in Fang Tianxiao s space ring, why should I wait so long Ye Han said helplessly.If you find it earlier, maybe I will refine the weapon.He decided that in the future, he must develop the habit make a shirt into dust mask of counting the spoils early after the end of the battle.With th. different types of masks for the face e wind and the essence refined, Ye Han entered the heavy tower with great enthusiasm.He will n95 mass ventura be Pollen Mask seized by the various space rings of the king level powerhouse he suppressed, Pollen Mask and then taken out and smoked.I counted it together. This is not clear.I don t know. When I counted it, Ye Han Pollen Mask discovered that she has accumulated huge we

Pollen Mask

alth now.Of course, this is Pollen Mask also normal. After all, his enemies, in the entire Purple Emperor Dynasty, are extremely top notch forces, and they are the leaders of their respective forces, the things that most people carry.I don t know how many years of wealth have accumulated by their respective forces.Even Pollen Mask some of the king level powerhouses came from the broken country in the west.The people Pollen Mask there were richer than the Ziyan dynasty, and when they fled their country, they did not know how many treasures were plundered.It s a pity that now they steal the chicken and not eclipse the rice.After a brief inventory, Ye Han directly communicated and called Lin Zhirong and others.Then he handed Pollen Mask them a list directly. When they look at the contents of this list, they are not calm at once.There are 650 pieces of five minerals, six products and below, Pollen Mask a total of 10,000 tons.Three hundred and one strains of five pronged medicine, six products and one, a total of Pollen Mask 30,000 tons Fourteen pieces of five fighting soldiers, five pieces of five demon blades, four hundred and six hundred pieces Pollen Mask of six products, of which six hundre

d coronavirus detection in calf demon blades are more than eight hundred Pollen Mask pieces Five bottles of Wupin stanley disposable sanding insulation n95 respirator mask with exhalation valve rst64026 Dan medicine, Pollen Mask 3,400 bottles of Liupin Dan medicine, and 50,000 bottles of seven Pollen Mask products There are also symbols, as well as grainger respirator half mask all kinds of sundries, and they see Lin Zhirong s dazzling.After they finished reading the list, Pollen Mask bad ass respirator mask Pollen Mask they looked up and looked at Ye Han.All of them looked a little sluggish, and they couldn t speak for a while.Ye Han is laughing, Pollen Mask saying What are you doing with your hands, these are our spoils, my own share has been taken, and the rest, how to assign you to discuss the decision Said, he directly dropped a few space rings over.Lin Zhirong immediately took the trouble. Originally, the war was completed, and the separation was a normal thing, but the problem was that these things seemed to be a bit too much, but they were a little overwhelmed.Before, they also got some loot from other prisoners.However, the ordinary divisions, the class soldiers, and the property of all of them are not comparable to the list that Ye Han casually threw out.One tenth, but they have already coronavirus under microscope surprised them. Now when I get this list, it is simply stimulat